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Track Pads

Long-lasting, labor-saving track pads put money in your pocket.

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Rubber Tracks

Fast track replacement rubber tracks maximize uptime.

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Undercarriage Parts

Get the right part every time with BLS undercarriage experts.

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TUFPADS Blues® Track Pads

Longer wearing trackpads, with great traction, saves you money on replacement parts and labor costs!
TUFPADS BLUES® Track Pads Outperform Premium Polyurethane Pads!

After extensive field testing, BLS introduced TUFPADS BLUES® Track Pads for contractors wanting longer wear time for especially rough applications. The hardness of the pads is the same as the black TUFPADS Track Pads. It provides the same traction and protection. What's different is an additive in the blue polyurethane that makes it more abrasion resistant.

TUFPADS BLUES® track pads reduce how often you have to replace your track pads. They are proven to outlast even premium polyurethane by 15-30%. Some contractors have reported a wear increase of 50% or more. This greatly reduces the cost of replacement parts and labor. TUFPADS BLUES® Track Pads are specifically designed for asphalt milling machines and other extreme applications. Choose standard or HIGHTOP BLUES Track Pad design.

- Durable, long lasting trackpads reduce the cost of replacement parts
- Lasts 15% - 30% longer than conventional black polyurethane pads
- Trackpads that can be easily replaced on-site reduce the cost of replacement labor
- Choose from a variety of sizes
- Industry standard

- Available in a variety of sizes in both the one-piece bonded style and the two-piece bolt-on style
- Available in standard and HIGHTOP BLUES
- Trackpad is attached to triple grouser
- Specifically designed for asphalt milling machines and other extreme applications
- Unique compound makes the trackpad more abrasion resistant

- Asphalt milling machines

TUFPADS Blues Track Pads
BLS Polyurethane Bonded TUFPADS
High Quality Rubber (HQRPADS)
Artliner-BLS Bolt-On and Clip-On Rubber
Stabilizer Pads

To order Track Pads, or if you have questions, call 1-800-307-0299 or email to contact a sales representative.