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Track Pads

Long-lasting, labor-saving track pads put money in your pocket.

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Rubber Tracks

Fast track replacement rubber tracks maximize uptime.

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Undercarriage Parts

Get the right part every time with BLS undercarriage experts.

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BLS Poly Bolt-On TUFPADS HIGHTOP® Track Pads

With 25% more material comes 25% more wear

BLS Poly Bolt-On® TUFPADS HIGHTOP® Track Pads are thicker, more durable and longer lasting than traditional trackpads. They protect surfaces and provide the traction needed from your machine. One customer milled over a million square yards of asphalt as deep as 14 inches before needing to replace these trackpads. With more than 25% material than the standard, contractors are saving a great deal of money relying on BLS Poly Bolt-on® TUFPADS HIGHTOP® Track Pads.

BLS Poly Bolt-On TUFPADS HIGHTOP® Track Pads are also available as TUFPADS® BLUES® Track pads, made with extreme blue polyurethane -proven to last up to 30% longer than the original black polyurethane.

- Excellent surface protection meets civic regulations
- Won't damage paved roads the way bare steel tracks can
- On-site replacement lessens machine downtime and labor cost

- Available in 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-inch (254, 304, 355, 406mm) polyurethane bolt-on trackpads
- BLS Poly Bolt-On TUFPADS HIGHTOP® Track Pads are available as TUFPADS BLUES® Track Pads manufactured with extreme blue polyurethane
- Increased thickness ranges from 1.19 to 1.50 inches, depending on height

- Milling machines

TUFPADS Blues Track Pads
BLS Polyurethane Bonded TUFPADS
High Quality Rubber (HQRPADS)
Artliner-BLS Bolt-On and Clip-On Rubber
Stabilizer Pads

To order Track Pads, or if you have questions, call 1-800-307-0299 or email to contact a sales representative.