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Poly Bolt-On Track Pad Replacement

1. Remove the used Poly Bolt-On Track Pads
2. Secure the BLS Poly Bolt-On Pads to the grousers using steel bolts by dropping pad into the pre-drilled holes.
3. Over-torque of the locknuts could damage the track pads. Use BLS oblong locknuts to secure the pads. These nuts allow for back off locknuts without damaging the track pad threats. Follow the information below to determine the correct torque for your machine.

Profile & Torque
- D4, D5 = 65 foot pounds (max)
- B0, B1, B2, D3 = 45 foot pounds (max)

Installation Tip
How to find the track pad profile: Locate the part number on the bottom of the track pad to find the profile. The first two letters of the part number are the profile. For example: Poly Bolt-On B1E10 PAD is a "B1" profile requiring 45-Foot-Pounds Max torque. Poly Bolt-On D4D5B1644 PAD is a "D4/D5" profile requiring 65-Foot-Pounds Max torque.

Get Credit - Recycle Bonded Track Pads, Cores, and Steel Grousers
Recycle old cores, bonded track pads and steel grousers to get credit towards your next purchase. Increase your purchasing power and help reduce landfill waste. BLS pays the freight cost.

If you have any questions regarding the removal or installation of a pad, please contact your sales consultant at 1-800-307-0299.