Wirtgen Track Pad

Wirtgen Machine Track Pads 

Safety Orange & Abrasion-Resistant Blue Pads Outperform OEM

Rubber Tracks


Fast Track Replacement Continuous Tracks for Thousands of Models

Track Pads


Poly Track Pads for Roadtec, CAT, BOMAG, LeeBoy, GOMACO, CMI, Mauldin, Weiler & More



Clip-On & Bolt-On Pads Provide the Surface Protection You Need

Track Chain


High-Quality Chains, Assemblies, Sprockets, Rollers, Idlers & More

Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Plant Parts

Basket Flights

Basket flights can be produced with several modifications to improve the life of the part.  One of these modifications is by simply using a thicker bar along the top.

BLS Enterprises will manufacture your flights to your specifications to suit your drum.  We typically use a 0.75″ x 0.75″ square rod for the tops of them, which is superior to OEM versions.  Not only is it better, but we can also produce them at a cheaper cost for you.

We can also duplicate virtually any other style of flighting that your drum uses.  Our goal is to reduce your cost per ton of asphalt produced, and to reduce your unscheduled downtime.  You can be assured that we’ll be using the very best quality of materials and workmanship.

For a quote, just call us at (833) 236-5225 with your dimensions and part numbers for your plant, and we’ll be pleased to offer your our superior pricing.

Bolt on Wear Plates

Bolt-on wear plates are an excellent way to line drag conveyor floors, inlet chutes, cones and many other areas of high wear.  They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be cut to fit your specific application.

Other wear plates on the market are made of Ni-Hard, which, according to ASTM A-532/532M, are Class 1, Type A, B, C or D “white iron”.  They have a range of 1.4% chromium to a maximum 11% Cr, depending on whether it’s a Type A, B, C or D.

BLS' bolt-on wear plates are made of High-Cr (M7C3), which is Class 111, Type A (ASTM A-532/532M) classification of white iron.  This classification has a chromium content between 23-30%.  Our High-Cr plates are made of 27% chromium and are several steps up the ladder from Ni-Hard in quality and performance for abrasion and impact resistance.

High-Cr plates are less reliant on the “chilling” process to achieve their hardness than Ni-Hard, due to its chemical composition.  In addition, the hardness is more consistent through the entire thickness. Chromium also has a lower co-efficient of friction as well, which adds to its abrasion-resistance properties. We have a various number of sizes available. Call us at (833) 236-5225 for sizes and availability.

Chromium Carbide

ACEBOND Chromium Carbide

BLS Enterprises offers ACEBOND Chromium Carbide screeds and floors for pavers, pick-up machines and plant applications.  Chromium carbide floor plates are designed to reduce the friction between the floors, the chain and bar assembly and the aggregate, increasing overall wear-life of the chain and bar.

We also offer augers, screeds and extension plates, tracks and components and chain and bar assemblies for various pavers, MC30/MC330 machines, pick-up machines, Shuttlebuggies MTV®, Flow Boy/Red River trailers, plant chains, motors, gearboxes and components.


Plant Chains

Scalping Decks

Scalping Deck

BLS scalping decks are a very economical way to filter out oversized aggregate or RAP from getting into your mix.  Economical, durable and dependable, these rugged devices will outperform decks that cost much more.  Because of their simple construction, there’s less to maintain or to break down.

Our decks are constructed to use common sizes of screen cloth, thereby making it easy to locate the various sizes you need to get your mix done. We can also provide the cloths for you.

In addition, we can produce them in a custom fashion for you, such as locating the motor on a certain side, in the event that you’re tight for room.  BLS can build you a stand for it or we can produce the entire conveyor line for you in either stationary or portable configurations.

Shaker Decks

Shaker Decks

Durable and dependable shaker decks are a very affordable way to filter out over-sized aggregate or RAP from getting into your mix.  As a result of their simple construction, there is less to maintain and break down.

Shaker decks are constructed to use common-size screen cloths, thereby making it easy to locate the various sizes you need to get your mix done.  Shaker decks can be custom made, such as mounting the motor on a certain side, should you be limited on space.

A custom stand can also be manufactured for your shaker deck.  Alternatively, you can have a conveyor line in either a stationery or portable configuration.

Shaker decks come in various sizes, with single decks ranging from 3’ x 5’ to 5’ x 10’.


Small Sprockets Medium Sprockets
Segmental Rim Sprockets
  • Fabricated from C1045 steel, then heat treated to a minimum of 50 RC hardness
  • Outlasts cast sprockets by as much as five times
Segmental Traction Wheels
  • Easier to install than one piece
  • Only replace the portion that wears out, saving you money
Solid Style Hubs
  • Fabricated construction to bolt your segmental sprockets and traction wheels
Split Hubs
  • Split design allows exceptional ease in installation
  • You do not have to remove the shaft to install, reducing your down-time significantly

Tires and Trunnions

We can supply you with high quality tires and trunnions for your drum.

A simple worksheet is supplied to you, which will give us the information we require to produce them in a timely manner for you.  This will give you a part where the quality is equal to or better than the OEM part, and will save you money in the process.

Our trunnions can be supplied with or without bearings.  We can also supply flanged trunnions.

The worksheets we supply will make this as easy as possible, and will mean you save a considerable amount of money and time.  Just call to find out how much we can save you.