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Wirtgen Track Pad- W Series

It's time you experienced the durability and performance of BLS Enterprises' redesigned W Series TUFPADS track pads for Wirtgen machines! 

You can buy just the industry-leading pads or you can streamline your purchasing process (saving both money and time) with complete, ready-to-go track groups of all the necessary pads, chains and hardware. 

What separates our polyurethane track pads for Wirtgen machines from the competition, including OEM yellow pads?

  • Improved placement of insert with additional material around it.
  • A redesigned radius that connects pad and road in a way that distributes energy evenly across the pad, instead of one pressure point.
  • Steel bushing between insert and grouser that acts as a shock absorber, and helps eliminate over-torquing.

What's the difference between our pad colors?

  • ORANGE prioritizes safety.  Safety is everyone’s job and we are doing our part by creating the Safety Orange TUFPAD.  Plus, it's a perfect match for the orange color you find on most Wirtgen equipment.
  • Extreme-performance BLUE polyurethane has been our signature material for over a decade.  There is no equal in the marketplace for the durability and longevity of abrasion-resistant blue TUFPADS.

Which Wirtgen machines can I get track pads for from BLS Enterprises?

  • We manufacture pads that are compatible with most Wirtgen machines, including: W1000F, W1200F, W1300F, W100F, W100Fi, W120F, W120Fi, W130F, W130Fi, W100CF, W100CFi, W120CF, W120CFi, W130CF, W130CFi, W150, W150i, W150CF, W150CFi, W1500, W1900, W195, W200, W200i, W200H, W200Hi, W200F, W200Fi, W2000, W205, W207Fi, W210, W210i, W210Fi, W210XP, W215, W2100, W220, W220i, W2200, W2200CR, W250, W250i, W240CR, W240CRi, W380CR, W380CRi

chains, sprockets, idlers

We also sell high-quality steel chains, sprockets, idlers and more to match the extended wear-life of our poly pads.  The more track pads and parts you bundle together, the more you save.  To make things even easier, we can build full assemblies for you.

Blue TUFPADS Wirtgen

For more than 35 years, we have never stopped pushing to make our best-in-class products better.  To get a free quote, your hands on a sample pad or to just learn more about why the W Series pads are right for your Wirtgen machines, reach out to one of our expert consultants at 833-236-5225 or email us directly.