Wirtgen Track Pad

Wirtgen Machine Track Pads 

Safety Orange & Abrasion-Resistant Blue Pads Outperform OEM

Rubber Tracks


Fast Track Replacement Continuous Tracks for Thousands of Models

Track Pads


Poly Track Pads for Roadtec, CAT, BOMAG, LeeBoy, GOMACO, CMI, Mauldin, Weiler & More



Clip-On & Bolt-On Pads Provide the Surface Protection You Need

Track Chain


High-Quality Chains, Assemblies, Sprockets, Rollers, Idlers & More


Asphalt Milling

Wirtgen Machines

Asphalt and Concrete Pavers

Excavators and Mini Excavators

Compact Track Loaders

Asphalt Plants


Material Transfer Vehicles & Pick-Up Machines

Elevating Scrapers




The poly bolt-on pad is easy to install and replace, reducing your labor costs.  A reusable pre-drilled steel triple grouser bolts to the chain of the machine, while the polyurethane pad bolts to the grouser.

Blue HT on Track

Black And Blue

An additive in the blue polyurethane makes the pad more abrasion resistant.  It’s proven to last 15 to 30% longer than the original black polyurethane.

Track Pad

Step Up With HIghtops

HIGHTOP Track Pads are thicker, more durable and longer lasting than traditional track pads.  You will save a great deal of time and money relying on HIGHTOP Track Pads.



Get maximum life out your machine by ordering replacement chains, rollers, idlers, and sprockets.

High-Quality Steel Parts

Good - BLS Poly Bolt-On Standard Black

Good - BLS Poly Bolt-On Standard Black

Better - BLS Poly Bolt-On HIGHTOP Black

Better - BLS Poly Bolt-On HIGHTOP Black

The Best - BLS Poly Bolt-On HIGHTOP 

The Best - BLS Poly Bolt-On HIGHTOP

Popular Brands BLS Provides Parts for Include:

  • Cat
  • CMI
  • Roadtec
  • Wirtgen

Parts Available Include:

  • Track Pads (Polyurethane Bolt-On or Bonded)
  • Chains
  • Rollers
  • Idlers
  • Sprockets


“We have used the bolt-on TUFPADS track pads on our eight Wirtgen milling machines for years. We are very happy with how long they wear.  When I heard about the thicker (HIGHTOP) TUFPADS, I realized that I would not only save on the initial parts cost, but also that I would not have to change the pads as often.  I’m sold on the TUFPADS, and all eight of my Wirtgen milling machines now have the HIGHTOPS on them.”


“There’s no question of their value.  BLS TUFPADS certainly last longer.  And since the interval to change is greater, your labor to change per set is lower as well.  That can mean a pretty good saving there.”



BLS W Series Pads for Wirtgen Machines

BLS Enterprises continues to pull away from the field with the redesigned W Series TUFPADS track pads for Wirtgen machines! 

What separates our polyurethane pads for Wirtgen machines from the competition, including yellow pads?

  • Improved insert placement with additional material around the insert.
  • A redesigned radius so the pad connects with the roadway in a way to distribute energy evenly across the pad, rather than one pressure point.
  • A steel bushing placed between the insert and grouser that acts as a shock absorber and helps eliminate over torquing.

What's the difference between pad colors?

  • ORANGE prioritizes safety.  Safety is everyone’s job and we're doing our part by inventing the safety orange pad.  Plus, it's a perfect match for the orange color you find on most Wirtgen equipment.
  • The extreme performance BLUE polyurethane has been our signature material for over a decade.  There is no equal in the marketplace for the durability and longevity of this abrasion-resistant pad.

Which Wirtgen machines can I get track pads for from BLS Enterprises?

  • We manufacture pads that're compatible with most Wirtgen machines, including: W1000F, W1200F, W1300F, W100F, W100Fi, W120F, W120Fi, W130F, W130Fi, W100CF, W100CFi, W120CF, W120CFi, W130CF, W130CFi, W150, W150i, W150CF, W150CFi, W1500, W1900, W195, W200, W200i, W200H, W200Hi, W200F, W200Fi, W2000, W205, W207Fi, W210, W210i, W210Fi, W210XP, W215, W2100, W220, W220i, W2200, W2200CR, W250, W250i, W240CR, W240CRi, W380CR, W380CRi

chains, sprockets, idlers

We also sell high-quality steel chains, sprockets, idlers and more to match the extended wear-life of our poly pads.  The more pads and parts you bundle together, the more you save.  To make things even easier, we can build full assemblies for you.        

For 35 years and counting, we have never stopped pushing to make our industry-leading products better.  To get a free quote, your hands on a sample pad or to just learn more about why the W Series pads are right for your Wirtgen machines, reach out to one of our expert consultants today at 833-236-5225 or email us directly. 

Asphalt & Concrete PavERS

BLS Tufpads Logo

SAVING TIME AND MONEY, poly bolt-on and bonded track pads LAST LONGER than rubber pads while giving the TRACTION and PROTECTION you need.

Track Pad

BLS Tufpads Track Pads

Bridgestone Paver

These HIGH-QUALITY tracks are backed by a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY and DESIGNED FOR EXTREME WEIGHT AND WEATHER CONDITIONS that occur on a paving site.

Bridgestone Logo


FOR GOMACO (Commander III, GT-3600, and GT-6300), these clip-on pads are quick to install and remove which SAVES YOU TIME and REDUCES LABOR COSTS.

Provides TRACTION, surface PROTECTION and VERSATILITY you need.

Artliner BLS Track Pads

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High-Quality Pads


Get maximum life out your machine by ordering replacement CHAINS, ROLLERS, IDLERS and SPROCKETS.

High-Quality Steel Undercarriage Parts


Popular Brands BLS Provides Parts for Include:

  • Barber-Greene
  • Blaw-Knox
  • Carlson
  • Cat
  • Cedarapids
  • Gilcrest
  • LeeBoy
  • Mauldin
  • Roadtec
  • Vogele
  • Weiler

Parts Available Include:


Asphalt Paver Steel Parts   

CHAIN & BAR ASSEMBLIES Chain and Bar Assemblies

Full chain and bar assemblies, designed and constructed to give you the best combination of strength and toughness, are available now for a variety of popular machine brands, including Barber-Greene, Blaw-Knox, Caterpillar, Cedarapids, Gilcrest, LeeBoy, Roadtec, Vogele and more.

We use high-quality chains from our partnerships with the leading chain manufacturers in the U.S.  These chains are designed to exceed the listed ultimate strength ratings, which is very significant.  Chains with greater ultimate strength have higher actual yield and greater fatigue strength.  With our chains, you get extra reserve strength to withstand high-shock loads.

Our manufacturers’ chains are built to withstand the most rugged conditions.  They use the latest heat-treating techniques to manufacture every component.  Each component is also carefully designed to close tolerances to ensure precise pitch control for smooth sprocket/chain interaction.  That means longer service or wear life for chains and sprockets.

Meanwhile, many of our competitors are still using imported chains, which are not made to stringent U.S. standard specifications.  Instead of saving you money, these inferior chains will significantly increase your cost-per-hour-of-operation and your overall down-time costs due to premature failure.

Chain & Bar

We supply inclined scraper conveyor chains in 4″ to 6″ pitch with both K- and slotted-M style attachments.  The chains are balanced to ensure continued safe operation, sidebars are hardened to resist the impact loading that may occur and rollers are specially heat-treated to resist outside diameter abrasion inherent in asphalt conveyors.  These special features make our chains long-lasting and keep your operation running smoothly.

Having started our manufacturing process with quality chains, we then add durable steel bars (also called flights or slats) and hardened pins, providing you with an amazing, hassle-free product.

With aggressive pricing and an extensive inventory available for immediate delivery, it's time for you to reach out to us for a free quote.


Screed and floor plates are now in stock for most major brands, including Allatt, Barber-Greene, Blaw-Knox, Caterpillar, Cedarapids and Ingersoll-Rand.  AR 450 Steel is our standard material for ALL screed and floor plates.  But, at your request, we can upgrade to AR 500 or Chromium Carbide.  Our plates have been proven to last at least four times longer than OEM plates.

SPROCKETSPaver Sprockets

Fabricated from C1045 steel and heat treated to a minimum of 50 RC hardness, our manufactured sprockets outlast some competing products by as much as five times. 

We have an extensive inventory of sprockets and other steel undercarriage parts for thousands of machines in stock and ready to ship today.


We manufacture augers for all popular brands of paving machines.  Our cast augers and liners are made with a high chromium content for longer wear.  If we don’t have the augers for your machine, we can manufacture them on a custom basis.  We have a system which enables us to produce them for the exact dimensions you need.  For more information, contact us today.


Our burner boxes for Barber-Greene, Blaw-Knox and Caterpillar are constructed with a heavy-duty steel.  With the introduction of the superpave mixers, a large number of our customers are finding that they have to turn the screed temperatures up to get a smooth mat when they aren’t using our Chromium Carbide product.  This has resulted in drastically reduced wear-life for the burner chambers.  Our heavy construction is the answer to this.


We are authorized distributors of SealMaster bearings.  We can supply a full line of heat-resistant asphalt paver bearings for Allatt, Blaw-Knox, Cedarapids, Champion, Global machines and more.  Also, we can provide you with high-heat greaseable bearings for Barber-Greene and Blaw-Knox models.  Please send us your requirements and we will source the best product for your needs.

Have additional questions?  Need a quote?  Consultants and engineers are available to assist you.  Get started today with a quick email, or just call us at 833-236-5225.

Excavators & Mini Excavators


DURABLE pads BOLT RIGHT TO THE CHAIN and are READY TO SHIP for a variety of makes and models.

Poly Bonded Track Pads

Bridgestone Red Rubber Track

Made with compression and scratch resistant material, these HIGH-QUALITY tracks are backed by a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY and available for THOUSANDS OF MODELS.

Bridgestone Logo


Comes in Clip-On or Bolt-On; QUICK TO INSTALL and remove which SAVES YOU TIME and REDUCES LABOR COSTS.

Provides TRACTION, surface PROTECTION and VERSATILITY you need.

Artliner BLS Track Pads

Popular Brands BLS Provides Parts for Include:

  • Bobcat
  • CASE
  • Cat
  • Doosan
  • Hyundai
  • John Deere
  • Kobelco
  • Komatsu
  • Kubota
  • Link-Belt

Parts Available Include:

  • Bolt-On or Clip-On Pads
  • Roadliner-Style Pads (Rubber or Polyurethane)
  • Rubber Tracks

8 Years vs. 2 months...

Brad Abbott, Equipment Manager for Golden Triangle Construction in Imperial, PA, bought a set of 600mm Clip-On ARTLINER-BLS RUBBER TRACK PADS for his Kobelco SK120.

When he finally replaced the pads eight years later, he had racked up OVER 10,000 HOURS OF WORK on those pads, using two different machines.


Compact Track Loaders

Bridgestone Red Rubber Track

Made with compression and scratch resistant material, these HIGH-QUALITY tracks are backed by a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY and available for THOUSANDS OF MODELS.

Bridgestone Logo

High-Quality Steel Undercarriage parts

Get maximum life out your machine by ordering replacement CHAINS, ROLLERS, IDLERS and SPROCKETS.

High-Quality Steel Undercarriage Parts

Popular Brands BLS Provides Parts for Include:

  • Bobcat
  • CASE
  • John Deere
  • Komatsu
  • New Holland
  • Takeuchi

Parts Available Include:

  • Rubber Tracks
  • Rollers
  • Idlers
  • Sprockets

Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Plant Parts

Basket Flights

Basket flights can be produced with several modifications to improve the life of the part.  One of these modifications is by simply using a thicker bar along the top.

BLS Enterprises will manufacture your flights to your specifications to suit your drum.  We typically use a 0.75″ x 0.75″ square rod for the tops of them, which is superior to OEM versions.  Not only is it better, but we can also produce them at a cheaper cost for you.

We can also duplicate virtually any other style of flighting that your drum uses.  Our goal is to reduce your cost per ton of asphalt produced, and to reduce your unscheduled downtime.  You can be assured that we’ll be using the very best quality of materials and workmanship.

For a quote, just call us at (833) 236-5225 with your dimensions and part numbers for your plant, and we’ll be pleased to offer your our superior pricing.

Bolt on Wear Plates

Bolt-on wear plates are an excellent way to line drag conveyor floors, inlet chutes, cones and many other areas of high wear.  They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be cut to fit your specific application.

Other wear plates on the market are made of Ni-Hard, which, according to ASTM A-532/532M, are Class 1, Type A, B, C or D “white iron”.  They have a range of 1.4% chromium to a maximum 11% Cr, depending on whether it’s a Type A, B, C or D.

BLS' bolt-on wear plates are made of High-Cr (M7C3), which is Class 111, Type A (ASTM A-532/532M) classification of white iron.  This classification has a chromium content between 23-30%.  Our High-Cr plates are made of 27% chromium and are several steps up the ladder from Ni-Hard in quality and performance for abrasion and impact resistance.

High-Cr plates are less reliant on the “chilling” process to achieve their hardness than Ni-Hard, due to its chemical composition.  In addition, the hardness is more consistent through the entire thickness. Chromium also has a lower co-efficient of friction as well, which adds to its abrasion-resistance properties. We have a various number of sizes available. Call us at (833) 236-5225 for sizes and availability.

Chromium Carbide

ACEBOND Chromium Carbide

BLS Enterprises offers ACEBOND Chromium Carbide screeds and floors for pavers, pick-up machines and plant applications.  Chromium carbide floor plates are designed to reduce the friction between the floors, the chain and bar assembly and the aggregate, increasing overall wear-life of the chain and bar.

We also offer augers, screeds and extension plates, tracks and components and chain and bar assemblies for various pavers, MC30/MC330 machines, pick-up machines, Shuttlebuggies MTV®, Flow Boy/Red River trailers, plant chains, motors, gearboxes and components.


Plant Chains

Scalping Decks

Scalping Deck

BLS scalping decks are a very economical way to filter out oversized aggregate or RAP from getting into your mix.  Economical, durable and dependable, these rugged devices will outperform decks that cost much more.  Because of their simple construction, there’s less to maintain or to break down.

Our decks are constructed to use common sizes of screen cloth, thereby making it easy to locate the various sizes you need to get your mix done. We can also provide the cloths for you.

In addition, we can produce them in a custom fashion for you, such as locating the motor on a certain side, in the event that you’re tight for room.  BLS can build you a stand for it or we can produce the entire conveyor line for you in either stationary or portable configurations.

Shaker Decks

Shaker Decks

Durable and dependable shaker decks are a very affordable way to filter out over-sized aggregate or RAP from getting into your mix.  As a result of their simple construction, there is less to maintain and break down.

Shaker decks are constructed to use common-size screen cloths, thereby making it easy to locate the various sizes you need to get your mix done.  Shaker decks can be custom made, such as mounting the motor on a certain side, should you be limited on space.

A custom stand can also be manufactured for your shaker deck.  Alternatively, you can have a conveyor line in either a stationery or portable configuration.

Shaker decks come in various sizes, with single decks ranging from 3’ x 5’ to 5’ x 10’.


Small Sprockets Medium Sprockets
Segmental Rim Sprockets
  • Fabricated from C1045 steel, then heat treated to a minimum of 50 RC hardness
  • Outlasts cast sprockets by as much as five times
Segmental Traction Wheels
  • Easier to install than one piece
  • Only replace the portion that wears out, saving you money
Solid Style Hubs
  • Fabricated construction to bolt your segmental sprockets and traction wheels
Split Hubs
  • Split design allows exceptional ease in installation
  • You do not have to remove the shaft to install, reducing your down-time significantly

Tires and Trunnions

We can supply you with high quality tires and trunnions for your drum.

A simple worksheet is supplied to you, which will give us the information we require to produce them in a timely manner for you.  This will give you a part where the quality is equal to or better than the OEM part, and will save you money in the process.

Our trunnions can be supplied with or without bearings.  We can also supply flanged trunnions.

The worksheets we supply will make this as easy as possible, and will mean you save a considerable amount of money and time.  Just call to find out how much we can save you.


The RAPwrangler™ was designed to be powerful, efficient and easy to maintain.  It can be used to render football sized chunks down to suitable gradations.  The RAPwrangler™ eliminates off-site pre-crushing of asphalt materials to be recycled.  For more information, call BLS at 833-236-5225


Rapwrangler Diagram

The 20″ rotor is equipped with 312 replaceable tungsten-tipped milling teeth that shred football size chunks of asphalt down to 1″ at a rate of 250 tons per hour.  The rotor spins at 127 RPM. constantly undermining the material in the 30″ x 40″ hopper directly above it.

It is designed to size material in congealed and oversized milling stockpiled at a rate of 20-250 TPH.  It processes up to football-sized pieces at a rate of 125TPH to 150TPH.  It may be set up with any size milling teeth.  Your cost of processing RAP is as low as $0.45 per ton.

RAPwrangler With Teeth

RAPwrangler With Teeth

Bottom View (Discharge)

Bottom View (Discharge)

50HP Shive Drive RAPwrangler

50HP Shive Drive RAPwrangler

50HP RAPwrangler

50HP RAPwrangler

50HP RAPwrangler Belt Drive

50HP RAPwrangler Belt Drive

RAPwranglers in Action

Rapwrangler In Action 1 Rapwrangler In Action 2

The RAPwrangler is mounted on a steel frame base.  A portable feeder conveyor is on the left and a final conveyor is underneath feeding up to the drum plant.  Engineers are standing by to assist you today.

Material Transfer Vehicles & Pick-Up Machines

Material Transfer Vehicles

Pick-Up Machines

We Produce Quality Parts for the Following Machine Brands:
  • Barber Greene
  • Lincoln
  • Kokal
  • CMI/Caterpillar
  • Cedarapids
Parts We Produce:
  • Chains
  • Flights in AR450
  • Floors in AR450, AR500 or Chromium
  • Carbide
  • Cutting Edges
  • Sprockets

Material Transfer Vehicles

Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Device
Parts We Produce for Shuttle Buggy MTV® and Other Material Transfer Vehicles :
  • Chains
  • Flights
  • Belting
  • Floors
  • Sprockets
Other Major Machine Brands We Supply Parts For:
  • Cedarapids
  • Blaw-Knox
  • Roadtec
As with all of our parts, the quality is equal to or better than OEM versions.  Call us today at (833) 236-5225 to see how much we can save you!

Elevating Scrapers

Elevating Scrapers

BLS Enterprises is able to provide you with a wide variety of parts for your elevating scrapers.  We manufacture premium products at a fraction of the price that the OEMs charge you, and, unlike OEMs, we can custom fit our products to meet your needs.  Contact us today for more info and a free quote.

We Supply Chains, Flights, Sprockets, Bolt Kits and Other Parts for the Following Makes and Models of Elevating Scrapers:

  • Caterpillar – 613, 613B, 613C, 615, 621, 623, 623B, 623E, 633
  • Clark – 110-HT, 210-H, 210-HB
  • Fiat Allis – 161, 261, 263B
  • Hancock – 294
  • International Harvester – E-200(early), E-200(late), E-211, 412B
  • John Deere – 760A, 762, 860A, 860B, 862
  • Terex – S11E, S23E
  • Wabco – 101F, 101G, 111A, 222, 222A, 222F, 222G, 222H

We Also Supply Original Equipment Parts For:

  • Fiat Allis – certain model loaders, dozers, graders and scrapers
  • Allis-Chalmers/CDS – forklifts, backhoes, loaders, engines, graders and scrapers
  • Lima-Clark – cranes, draglines and excavators
  • Austin-Western – graders, cranes and rollers
  • Hein-Werner – hydraulic excavators
  • White – lift trucks
  • Hanomag – loaders, dozers and parts distributors
  • Massey-Ferguson, Terex – certain models
  • Sanderson – loaders, forklifts and parts distributors
  • Brog-Warner – industrial transmission
  • Rex – vibatory rollers