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Track Pad WorksheetsPads, Tracks and More Parts from BLS

With BLS Enterprises, it's easy to ensure you order the right track pads and rubber tracks.  Our experienced sales consultants will help you select the appropriate worksheet from the list below.  In most cases, this will be based on the type of shoe or track pad.  Once we have your specifications, we will contact you with an exact quote.  To get a quote on an undercarriage part, just provide a part number.

If you have questions about how to properly measure track pads or rubber tracks, or if you are ready to order, please contact one of our sales consultants by email or just call (833) 236-5225.

Why measure your grouser shoes?

There are many variations in steel grouser shoes in the marketplace.  Even two machines of the same make and model may not have the same plate dimensions.  Also, your machine may have worn down the steel grousers to some degree, changing the dimensions.

Track Pad Worksheets

Flat Plate Worksheet

Double Bar Grouser Worksheet

Single Bar Grouser Worksheet

BLS Roadliner Worksheet

Triple Bar Grouser Bolt-On/Clip-On Worksheet

Quick Track Pad Replacement Instructions

Bonded Track Pads
  1. Clean out bolt hole of steel grouser.
  2. Unbolt current steel track pads from the chain.
  3. Bolt the TUFPADS Poly Bonded track pads in their place. The current bolts can be reused in many installations.
  4. Use the same torque specs as the old track pads.
Poly Bolt-On Track Pads
  1. Remove the used Poly Bolt-On Track Pads.
  2. Secure the BLS Poly Bolt-On Pads to the grousers using steel bolts by dropping pad into the pre-drilled holes.
  3. Over-torque of the locknuts could damage the track pads. Use BLS oblong locknuts to secure the pads. These nuts allow for back off locknuts without damaging the track pad threads. Follow the information below to determine the correct torque for your machine.

Profile & Torque
- D4, D5 = 65 foot pounds (max)
- B0, B1, B2, D3 = 45 foot pounds (max)

Installation Tip
How to find the track pad profile: Locate the part number on the bottom of the track pad to find the profile. The first two letters of the part number are the profile. For example: Poly Bolt-On B1E10 PAD is a "B1" profile requiring 45-Foot-Pounds Max torque. Poly Bolt-On D4D5B1644 PAD is a "D4/D5" profile requiring 65-Foot-Pounds Max torque.

Recycle Bonded Track Pads, Cores and Steel Grousers and Increase Your Purchasing Power
Get credit towards your next purchase and help reduce landfill waste by recycling old cores, bonded track pads and steel grousers.  Plus, we will cover the freight costs.

Bolt-On and Clip-On Rubber Artliner-BLS Track Pads Installation Instructions
  • When fixing Artliner-BLS track pads onto the crawlers of used machines, remove mud and other debris from the surface of the crawler shoe plate.
  • Place "Clip-On" type pads upon crawler shoe plates by first hooking the attached L-shaped bracket onto the inner end of the crawler shoe plate, then close the other end with another bracket and screw in bolts.
  • Place "Bolt-On" type pads over the holes in the track shoe plates, then fasten with spring washers and nuts from the underside of the shoe plate.
  • Tighten the fastenings with an impact wrench. Tighten with a normal wrench afterwards using the recommended torque from the chart below.
  • Once the rubber pads have been securely attached to the crawler, move the machine forward to check and refasten as necessary.
  • Routine maintenance should include frequent checks for any loose bolts or nuts. Every 100 hours, refasten all pads.
  • Machines equipped with Artliner-BLS Track Pads should be turned slowly.
  • The rubber pads' contact area with the road surface tends to decrease if the crawler linkage is loose.  To prevent unbalanced wear of undercarriage parts and to prevent pads' bolts from loosening, keep the crawlers taut by using the track adjuster of the crawler vehicles.
Recommended Torque for Artliner-BLS Bolt-On Track Pads
  • 12mm Bolt = 7 kg f.m. (50 ft. lbs.) Torque = 200mm Product
  • 14mm Bolt = 10 kg f.m. (72 ft. lbs.) Torque = 450mm Product
  • 16mm Bolt = 13 kg f.m. (94 ft. lbs.) Torque = 500mm Product
  • 20mm Bolt = 18 kg f.m. (130 ft. lbs.) Torque = 600mm Product
Cautions for Usage
  • As a rule, install Artliner-BLS rubber track pads onto all of the individual crawler shoe plates for normal use.
  • The "normal use" of Artliner-BLS rubber track pads is limited to paved roadways. Avoid using them at a demolition site, rough terrain strewn with boulders or any other jagged objects, or on clay-like soil or sandy terrain, especially with moisture. Avoid prolonged travel upon soil.
  • Artliner-BLS rubber track pads will not be subject to any claim when they are not used correctly as defined above as normal use.
  • Any soil with moisture, which accumulates on undercarriage parts such as link belt or sprockets, will certainly damage the pads when dried. If by necessity, a crawler machine with Artliner-BLS rubber track pads installed, travels on any soil with moisture; make sure to clean up the undercarriage and remove all such mud and any accumulated soil from undercarriage parts. Using nuzzled jet water is effective for cleaning up.
  • Avoid using Artliner-BLS rubber track pads on steep inclines when raining or snowing, as the rubber tends to be slippery under such conditions.
  • Prior to loading a machine with Artliner-BLS rubber track pads already installed onto a truck or any transport vehicles, ensure that the pads are free of mud, snow or other debris.

If you have any questions regarding the removal or installation of a pad, please contact your sales consultant at (833) 236-5225.